Foton TD80 Series Tractors


1. The U.S. DANA front driving axle is optional;
2. Germany Luk clutch and STABILUS hood gas spring have a high reliability;
3. The use of flat floors, hanging pedals, side manipulation, 16+8 shuttle shift transmission, various gear selections and optional 8+8, 8+4 and 16+8 crawling gears, and 16+16 synchronized shuttle shift model, can provide a reasonable velocity distribution, and a good operating adaptability;
4. The 145-liter lower large fuel tank has a long operation time;
5. The U.S. ACTUANT combination instruments are optional;
6. EC, EPA and GOST certification models are available;
7. The optional models with stepless and adjustable tread have a good operating adaptability;
8. The optional widened tread with a high ground clearance can achieve intertillage, spraying, laminating and other field operations.

Model TD820 TD824 TD900 TD904
Drive Type 4x2 4x4 4x2 4x4
Engine Model

Four-cylinder, Supercharge