Tatu Planters


COP and COP Suprema features very high quality, efficiency, easy operation and greater field productivity. COP has come to be respected as the leading planter in the industry and has proven itself as the best planter to adapt to conditions from conventional tillage to no-till. Independent units mounted on the tool bar with floating control of the rows, specially made to give more flexibility to follow uneven ground and improved performance on distribution of fertilizer and seeds.

The PST4 Flex and PST4 Flex Suprema are suitable for no-till planting of maize, soybean, bean, peanuts, sunflower, sorghum and acid delinted cotton. The parallelogram system guarantees to follow the soil topography, allowing fertilizer and seeds deposition always in the correct depth.

The PST4 performs with excellence planting maize, soybeans, beans, peanuts, sorghum, sunflower and acid delinted cotton.

The model PTM - Cassava Planter was specially developed for small and medium properties. Makes at once the furrow, fertilizing, cutting the stalks and planting. The estimated planting output of approximately 5 - 7 hectare per day.

The model STP² - Row Crop Planter and Fertilizer, features quality, efficiency, low cost, easy operation and reduced maintenance. It performs conventional planting of maize, soybeans, edible beans, rice, peanuts, cotton (linted and delinted), sorghum and others cultures with remarkable uniformity. The STP² offers several options for different applications.