Tatu Fertilizers

Tatu DFT Organic Fertilizer Spreader PS
Tatu TCA 16000 CP

The Lime and Fertilizer Spreader TATU DCA², are produced with modern technology, for the application of agricultural lime and fertilizer, easy operation and low maintenance and dependable solutions to meet your spreading needs.

DFT is equipment developed to achieve optimal distribution (in total area) of composed fertilizer, confined cattle manure, “chicken’s bed”, sugar cane mill’s filter pie and similar. The distributed quantity of fertilizers by total area is 4 to 40 tonnes/ha, depending on the product’s density.

TCA 16000 CP CHASER BIN has been developed to provide you with a transport solution of your crops and to filling seed drills and planters. Tough and sturdy design enables our Chaser Bins to stand up to the rigorous tests you demand everyday, saving you time and money.