PT/PTL Scraper and PS Post Hole Borer


The Rear Mounted Scraper Blades, models PT and PTL, are implements used for leveling, grading, snow removal and
backfilling applications. Blade tilling feature makes the PT and PTL ideal for maintaining drainage ditches, contouring roads and terraces.

  • Rugged construction.
  • 3-point hitch, category II.
  • Reversible heat treated alloy steel cutting edges.
  • Reinforced moldboard blade.
  • Blade with 360 degrees rotation.
  • Three angles adjustments front and rear; horizontal or vertical.
  • Optional: rear depth control wheel.

The Post Hole Digger, model PS, is ideal for construction works, tree planting jobs, reforesting and fence post holes drilling.

  • Capable of drilling 90 to 120 holes/hour.
  • Available with 9”, 12” and 18” auger diameter.
  • Auger with replaceable drill bit and heat treated high carbon wear tip.
  • Exclusive drill self alignment system to point the dril in the vertical position.
  • Mounted on 3-point hitch, category II.