Tatu Marchesan Rotary Cutter RC2


Proven in the roughest conditions the RC² 4500 Tatu Rotary Cutter has the required strength to handle jobs from mowing grass on roadsides and around fences to heavy brush cutting.

Heavy Duty 4 mm thick reinforced steel deck with sidesliding skids used for height cutting control, the blades shaft is mounted over two tapered roller bearings and protected by retainers. Well balanced blades manufactured from spring steel SAE 5160 for long lasting.

Standard Features:

  • Frame with reinforced beam on top to avoid dirty on the bottom.
  • Adjustable skids.
  • Replaceable skid shoes.
  • High quality components.
  • Standard support on rear wheel.
  • Articulated 3 point to follow the contour of the ground.
  • Safe slip clutches are provide for each blade set to reduce drive line shock loads.
  • Bar type blade support.