Ravaglioli Presses

Hydraulic Presses

Hydraulic presses with hand pump, two automatic speeds and calibration valve.
+ The PXB15 is fitted with foot pump.
+ The PX10 has one downstroke speed.


Hydraulic jacks suitable to operate inside pits or under lift.
+ KE 32/ KE a23 - Jacks with single ram.
+ KE a11 - Telescopic 2 stage jack supplied with a 26,5 mm Ø hole at ram end to carry special tools.
+ KE 10 - Telescopic 2 stage jack, with quick approach device, supplied with a 32 mm Ø hole to carry special tools.
+ KE 40 - Swivel support with universal connection for all transmission jacks. Capacity 200 kg.
NOTE. The capacity of the jacks is reduced to 200 kg while using the swivel support KE40.