ENGSOL To Sponsor Jinja Agricultural Show !

Published On : 5th June 2019

Published By : Engsol Admin

From 12th to 21st of July 2019 !

As we approach mid-year, at Engsol we are looking vehemently at a new door to show and teach Ugandan farmers how to invest in agriculture for greater yields and profitability.

This comes as a result of the government of Uganda advocating for people to start agricultural projects that can be a basis for revenue generation. For the years we have participated in the Jinja Agricultural show we have seen out growers & individual farmers advancing from one level to another due to believing in sustainable agricultural practices. Busoga is predominantly known for farming and hence the need to allocate our resources to the region. As a company, for over 18 years in the supply of land preparation, planting and harvesting equipment, we know that, farmers never run out of ideas for agri-business.

We have secured equipment worth 5 billion to display at the show, and this will in a way change the face of the event. Engsol and Jinja Agricultural show are one, you can't separate it from the other. Once you talk of agricultural mechanization in the modern era, people expect to see TAFE tractors, ploughs, planters, harvesters, trailers, cultivators, ridgers among others. We also know that our prices will be discounted to the early birds interested in taking a tractor right away from 14th -21st of July 2019.

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