ENGSOL Secures NAADS 170 Tractor supply

Published On : 5th June 2019

Published By : Engsol Admin

Uganda being an agricultural country, the government of Uganda invests a lot of resources in ensuring that all organized farmer groups better their standard of living through agricultural mechanization. It is by this approach & strategy, that the government through the ministry of Agriculture Animal Industry and Fisheries. This move is aimed at having all key areas of Uganda dominated with the agricultural equipment. Most farmers had an outcry of low productivity due to indigenous methods of farming but not the worry is no more with introduction of such a programme.

Engineering Solutions Uganda Limited is to supply 170 tractors in selected districts of Uganda Plus related implements such as Ploughs and harrows to facilitate primary and secondary tillage. For this to be sustainable, ENGSOL will provide excellent after sales services through offering trainings to all operators and also ensuring that all equipment is covered through the 1 year warranty period. Because Engsol is a trusted supplier of Agricultural equipment in Uganda, this comes as an addition to the first bunch of 40 tractors that were first supplied in 2017 to western Uganda through the NAADS programme. These tractors & implements were to be distributed across the different clusters such as Mbarara, Isingiro, Kiruhura, Ntungamo among others.

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