Published On : 25th August 2020

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For average farmers, what comes in their minds when it comes to commercial farming is most often getting a few casual labourers to prepare their land for planting. Over the years, this has been the norm and of course many people have worked their way out to the top. It is very important for all farmers with the thought of investing in commercial farming to appreciate how best to attract value for their produce in the least maturation time. Now that the season is almost starting again, it is extremely important to screen critically the different possibilities of reaping big with less stress. The answer lies in agriculture mechanisation through employing tractors and other implements such as; disc ploughs, harrows, weeders, planters, harvestors, spreaders, boom sprayers among others. These equipment stress high coverage and increase the level of productivity for your commercialized farming needs.

The Tractor models & Horse power required depend on the acres of land to be covered. For most farmers, this has been predominantly the inspiration to acquire bigger or smaller machinery to support their farms. Whilst most farmers may consider at any one time to procure a tractor and an implement for themselves or a group; it is important to note that they ought to be calculative on the costs implied on fuel, operator fees among others. Research tells us that most farmers that procure tractors do it with little research and end up with difficulties in acquiring spare parts for their Tractors. You need to understand that, there are a number of suppliers for Tractors but a few credible ones who will stand the test of time with you.

Key thing to note while buying a tractor is how easy it is for you to access spare parts and at what cost. Identify a good supplier with all the technical people needed to help you with the installations and so on. Be sure first that you will not struggle looking for spare parts or even park your equipment for years. Always take note of the warranty on the tractor and implement.  Never forget to ask if there is free training offered before use of the equipment both to operators and owners.  Are there regional dealers where you can access spare parts? Lastly, if one needs financing for the equipment, what are the options available and what contribution does a customer need?  For example most banks need up 30% contribution from the customer off the total value of the equipment to procure for you.

As you have made the decision to buy a tractor or any other related implements, seek for operator training certification for the machinery before usage. Once you go through the routine training by well-trained technical personnel of the company, then you are sure, you can maintain the equipment properly.
Secondly, adhere to the servicing schedule as provided by your trusted tractor supplier. More often than not, when you go to places such as bonded warehouses to procure such equipment not much guidance is provided because it’s just a point of sale and purely profit centred hence the need to have a reliable and most trusted suppliers for your needs. If you are not sure, go to individual farmers owning Tractors such as TAFE, Massey Ferguson.

Tractors depending on the model are supposed to undergo a series of routine service checks at 100 Hours, 250 Hours, 500 Hours, 750 Hours, 1000 Hours literally meaning after every 250 Hours of operation. Between 50 Hours -999 Hours, this is referred to as minor service checks; but at exactly 1000 Hours, a major service check is advised. At this level, you change all the oils, all the filters, rocket cover gasket, Tighten the cylinder head, tighten all the bolts and conduct a tappet clearance. However, the process continues simultaneously until the 2000 Hour mark is hit for another major service.

My advice to all farmers and Tractor owners is to respect the schedules provided to them for their machinery. This ought to be self-discipline and with intentions of sustaining your Tractor and hence increasing substantial productivity.

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