Published On : 29th May 2020

Published By : Engsol Admin

Engineering Solutions, even with the emergency of Covid-19 a renowned pandemic has pledged to continue offering support to all her customers. This is the only way, customers will continue to sustain the agribusiness which is the backbone of Uganda's economy. The support to our farmers stems from after-sales support such as ensuring that parts and technical expertise are readily available should one require such services. As a way to enhance productivity for all our customers, we have worked tirelessly with our Network Partners to ensure that whatever service parts may be required are within reach.

Our Increased Network Penetration has further paved the way for continuity in business. We have also adjusted to the government measures in the way we operate so that we can even serve you even better. Our range of Network Partners is spread across the regions of Uganda that is to say; Eastern, Western, Northern, South Western among others. By far, most of our customers across the region have enjoyed this service and we are happy to say that, we were not limited in offering customer support.

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