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Benefits of Water Bowsers

A water bowser, also known as a water trailer has many applications; its main objective, as the name suggests, is to store and transport water. However, that’s not all; water bowsers can be configured for multiple uses to enable them to work in a range of different industries.

In this blog, we will be looking into how a water bowser is used and the benefits they have in three industries.

Water Bowsers in Aviation

Whenever you're waiting to board a plane, you will normally see a team of people around an aircraft getting it ready for the next flight; from making sure all the luggage is on board, to make sure that the right amount of fuel is supplied to the plane. As well as this, in the ground handling of commercial and private aircraft, there is a requirement for water bowers to supply potable water to the aircraft for the on-board lavatory.

While operating at airports when the cold weather hits, there is a risk of the water bowser freezing up. So, to prevent this from happening and causing major delays to flight departures; We can offer a drinking water bowser that is fitted with a heating system inside the tank along with insulated pipework to prevent the water from becoming frozen.

Water Bowsers in Agriculture

It is no surprise at all that farms that grow crops require a consistent and reliable water supply to have any chance of a successful harvest. One of the main uses of a water bowser in the agriculture industry is feeding the water to a sprinkler system for crop spraying and dust suppression

Another benefit of using a water bowser in agriculture is the bespoke option to have an animal trough attached to the water bowser, making the bowser perfect for delivering water to a field where there may not be a supply, or where the water is not safe for animals to drink. Thanks to the design of this bowser, animals can drink from the trailer with ease thanks to the ideal positioning of the trough which is easy for the animals to reach.

Water Bowser for The Offshore Industry

A water bowser can also be fitted with a pressure washer which is ideal for businesses that operate in the maintenance of maritime vessels, or anyone that needs to do a lot of outdoor cleaning.

During the maintenance of a boat, it will be lifted out of the water for it to undergo the standard level of maintenance to the hull. This includes removing any seaweed and barnacles that may have become attached to the hull. To keep the hull smooth, it is recommended to anti-foul the hull to prevent any regrowth of unwanted barnacles. You may be thinking how a water bowser comes into this; well, before a hull can be re-painted, the previous anti-foul needs to be washed off the hull. This is done by using the pressure washer that is attached to the water bowser.


Having a pressure washer as a part of the water bowser makes it easier to operate around a boatyard. This is because there is then no need for trailing hoses all across the boatyard when the water supply would come straight from the bowser itself. Another benefit is that it will also make it much easier to wash boats down as the hoses will be closer, in turn, preventing them from getting stuck on other equipment in the yard. A pressure washer is also ideal for washing done and keeping quaysides at ports as well as fishing vessel landing stages a clean working environment as in some cases, these places are accessible to the general public.


Water Bowsers for Construction and Demolition

Construction Sites

When it comes to the construction industry, the health and safety of those working on the construction site and those that live nearby are of the utmost importance.

One of the biggest challenges that construction sites face is dust. The majority of sites experience high-levels of dust due to the various activities that take place such as demolitions, cutting wood/MDF and the movement of off-highway vehicles. If not taken care of properly, the dust can cause long-term health repercussions for those working on the site. So how can construction sites deal with dust?

The simple answer is water. Water bowsers can be used in a wide range of different industries offering each one a wide range of benefits and the construction industry is no different. When it comes to dust suppression, there are several ways to get the water out of the bowser.

For example, if your bowser is fitted with a spray bar or sprinkler system then you can simply turn on the petrol-powered water pump to push the through the spray bar sprinklers. Alternatively, you could rely on gravity to feed the spray bar alongside as it is situated lower than the water tank; making it easier to get water across a construction site to remove the dust from the site.



Just like on construction sites, dust can be a real problem after a demolition. As we’ve mentioned before, the health and safety of those working on a demolition site and those who live and work in the surrounding areas are of the utmost importance.

That’s why water bowsers are so important. You want to be able to control the dust to prevent a dust build-up during the demolition as well as reducing the amount of dust that you will have to clean up after. That’s why, at Trailer Engineering we have developed a wide range of dust suppression water bowsers that offer the dust control industry with an efficient, cost-effective dust control solution.

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