Engsol Embarks on Program for Network Partners Expert Trainings in Western Region

Published On : 18th February 2021

Published By : Engsol Admin

Earlier this year, Engineering Solutions Uganda Limited under her mandate to scale up service Provision for all  the Key Target Areas(KTAs)  begun refresher trainings for all Authorized Local Mechanics  to empower even more Network Partners across the country. For this one time, it was within the region of Masaka & Mbarara( Sanga) where we believe due to the number of Tractor population in the region, such an investment is very ideal.

The aim of this activity is to bring services closer to customers, including cluster groups that were awarded the Tractors and other related implements through the NAADS fund. To this day, We have seen a mind set shift from subsistence to commercial agriculture which is geared towards achieving the government's objectives. Most often than not, many farmers struggled to find equipment even for hire in their regions due to the nortion that you needed to use one, only if you had a very big project or very large acreage. But, that changed ever since government came in to offer subsidies to farmers in either Mechanical Support or Value addition. 

Through our Programs, we believe we shall not leave chance to lying equipment without being serviced and repaired should there be any issues that may arise. Unlike, those days, now farmers and Tractor owners take heed in maintaining their equipment because it is best one way of increasing their livelihood.

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