ENGSOL awarded contract to supply NARO-Nakyesasa with TAFE Tractors.

Published On : 6th June 2019

Published By : Engsol Admin

In a bid to aid the business operations in the region, NARO through funding from government awarded ENGSOL a contract to supply over 4 tractors and Implements such as; ploughs and harrows respectively. This contract comes to us at a time when as of today, only ENGSOL is referred to us the most trusted and reliable supplier of any agricultural equipment. Our relationship with NARO has grown over time and all the gaps have been filled to that effect. The effectual compliances by our organisation has been fully screened and tested beyond measure by the procurement bodies & hence being fully sustainable. 

This business acquisition is in one or the other a great investment for our business. We are steadily growing and all our structures are solid with a fully-fledged technical team ready to man all minor & major repairs at subsidized costs.


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