Launch of Local Certified Mechanic In Bulanga (Busoga Sub Region)

Published On : 23rd October 2019

Published By : Engsol Admin

Mr.Munyegera Godfrey has been appointed our local mechanic rep for the Busoga sub-region in a bid to bring services closer to the customers. This event was conducted on the 16th of October 2019 at his workshop premises in Waihna, Mayuge district. Not only, did we launch the workshop but also awarded trained mechanics certificates upon completion of the training. The Local Mechanic will be handling all Service-related works and offering referral business to head office for extra support. Busoga is lucky to benefit in such an initiative where TAFE is a dominant brand. Thanks to the out-growers and leadership of the region who have openly stood firm and expressed their love for high quality and yet reliable machinery. Doreen Sembeguya( Parts Team Lead), reiterated by saying that, as Engineering Solutions our support for Busoga will continue to grow even stronger than ever before.

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