Published On : 17th November 2021

Published By : Engsol Admin

On the 11th & 12th of November 2021: Over 150 farmers, Operators in the regions of Bugisu, Teso, Karamoja and Sebei received hands on Practical training on tractor maintenance.

The Training which was conducted in Bulambuli allowed farmers and Operators to fully understand counterfeit products in the market and advised to be vigilant whenever buying spare parts.

Over 210 TAFE Tractors have been given out through NAADS, to empower farmers at grass root level to diversify and Improve their livelihoods. For continual Capacity Building, the beneficiaries are advised to always get Involved in Knowledge sharing circles to learn and unlearn.

Speaking at the event, our Network Partners, Namonye  and Maafu John cautioned customers on the use of counterfeit products as a substitute for original Parts from TAFE and Massey Ferguson. This move was aided by practical Illustrations of such products and further advised on the aftermath of not abiding with the set product guidelines.

Our Technical Officers further explained the implications of not following the recommended service schedules, and also not using the right mechanics. Farmers and Operators were told to stick to the company approved and certified Local Network Partners and Mechanics for Immediate service works.

Adding to this, farmers also expressed some of the challenges that they face in the market due to unfair competition from the Kenyan Market and requested the government Officials in charge to handle the matter amicably so that they stay in business, otherwise Kenyans have encroached on their territories with subsidised charges and illicit spare parts.

Farmers also appreciated the Initiative that ENGSOL & TAFE, started and they believe that all Tractors in Operation in the region will be catered for.

During the closing remarks from ENGSOL Team, farmers who are interested in acquiring more Implements and Tractors, were advised to engage Post Bank branches across to be financed at the lowest Interest rates through the Agricultural Credit Facility arrangement.


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