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Fimaks balers are used to compress cut and raked crops such as hay, stray, alfalfa and similar products into compact bales that are easy to handle, transport and store.
Fimaks balers have 6 different models. All 6 models have different features such as; 2 or 3 knotters, 1.5 or 1.63 meters working width, with chopper or without chopper.

Bale sizes are adjustable with the Fimaks Balers models. Length of the bale can be adjusted from 30cm to 140cm. Weight of the bales can also be adjusted, by adjusting the length of the bales. Width and height dimensions of the bales are 46×36 cm.

Fimaks balers are manufactured with the latest technology to get optimum performance. Fimaks balers are economic, powerful, productive and long-lasting machines.

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