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Ravaglioli Hoist KPH 370.32/370.42

Perfect synchronization between carriages regardless of load distribution.
Equipped with safety valve to prevent overloading and in case of hydraulic pipe fracture.
Self-controlled lowering speed.

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Ravaglioli Hoist RAV4000 Series

The hydraulic cylinder is located inside the fixed platform and is thus perfectly protected.
High-resistant, galvanised and pre-stretched metal cables.
Large-diameter pulleys with self-lubricating and maintenance-free bushes.
Adjustable platform to accomodate different vehicle tracks and optimised access to vehicle underside.
Automatic mechanical back-up safety devices (every 100 mm) with pneumatic release allowing stationary operation with unladen cables.
Immediate-triggering safety stud devices in case a cable slackens or fails.
Automatic anti-toe trap alarm during final stages of lift descent.
Mechanical, electrical and hydraulic safety devices in compliance with the prevailing standard for CE marking.
Low-voltage (24V) electrical system with control circuit
Ravaglioli Tools

Ravaglioli Hoist RAV518T / 518NL / 535 / 540 ( LOW PROFILE SCISSORS LIFTS )

CE approved lift with low voltage controls.
Mechanical locking device with automatic engagement and pneumatic release, ensuring maximum safety when lift is in standing position.

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From 3500 to 6000Kg

Ravaglioli Tools

Ravaglioli Hoist RAV1450N ( LOW PROFILE SCISSOR LIFT )

The ideal lift for servicing tyres, brakes, suspension and bodywork. This lift of the latest generation has the following features: electro-hydraulic operation, high loading capacity and elevated lifting height, rapid cycle times. Being practical and easy to use, this lift guarantees the maximum safety to the user.
A mechanical levelling system assures constant levelling of the lifting platforms regardless of weight distribution.

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