The Falcon Rotavator is designed and constructed in South Africa, by people who understand the tough African conditions and manufacture accordingly. The Falcon Rotavator is designed to suit tractors from 30 to 70 kW. The rotor turns at the optimum speed for all cultivation operations and the required tilth can be obtained by adjusting the forward speed and the setting of the rear deflector.

The Rotavator will produce a perfect seedbed in fewer passes. It is the ideal implement for cash crop farmers who need to bury and incorporate crop residues quickly, between crops. Blades can be mounted in the three bladed configuration for a fine tilth or in the two bladed configuration for a coarser finish. All machines are supplied with a PTO shaft and torque limiting slip clutch, central and offset mounting points, depth control skids, parking stand and a complete set of blades.

The Range of FALCON Rotavators and Bedformers

Model Total Mass
Tractor (kW) Working Width (mm) Working Depth (mm) Dimensions
Length (mm) Width (mm)
F125 Rotavator
549 35-60 1280 300 960 1490
F150 Rotavator
596 42-60 1530 300 960 1760
F175 Rotavator
645 45-60 1780 300 960 2030
F200 Rotavator
698 48-60 2030 300 960 2300
Bedformers for Rotavators Total Mass
Length (mm) Width (mm)
Bedformer for F125
120 1420 1650
Bedformer for F150
130 1420 1900
Bedformer for F175
140 1420 2150
Bedformer for F200
150 1420 2400
Bedformer with central form for F175
196 1420 2150
Bedformer with central form for F200
206 1420 2400