Manure Spreader / Rotorspreader

The Falcon Rotorspreader provides an efficient solution to the everpresent problem of the disposal and utilisation of farmyard manure.
Rotorspreaders have been used for spreading manure throughout the world for the past thirty years. The Falcon Rotorspreader is a machine with a long life and low maintenance cost.
The Rotorspreader will spread all types of manure from dry chicken litter to liquid slurries including matted straw bedding and compacted compost. The high tensile steel flail chains shred and spread an even carpet of manure three metres on the right hand side of the machine. The rate of spread can be controlled by adjusting the forward speed of the towing tractor and also by adding or removing extension plates on the flail chain heads.

Model Description Capacity Working Width Mass (Kg)
A0061 F3000 Rotorspreader 3.0m³ 2.5 - 3.0m 890
A0062 F4200 Rotorspreader 4.2m³ 2.5 - 3.0m 1120

The Rotorspreader is loaded either by hand or with a tractor front end loader. To facilitate loading, the lid on the top of the machine is raised. It is available in two sizes, 3,0 and 4,2 cubic metre capacity. Both have a clevis or ring hitch, drawbar stand or screw jack available as optional equipment.