Haymaker F80-150-180 (Intermediate)

The Falcon Haymaker® is the most popular hay cutting machine in the country. This rotary cutter is quick, efficient and trouble free. The different models have cutting widths from 1.2m to 3.5m. The specially designed high clearance bodywork, deflector and long shaft gearbox create space under the deck to allow for a free flow of material and prevent double chopping, while the tunnel and fingers create a well-formed quick drying windrow. This is the ideal machine for quality haymaking!
The intermediate range of Falcon Haymakers® have cutting widths of 1.5 metres, 1.8 metres and 2.0 metres. This range has by far the largest share of the haymaking market with more than 6 000 machines having been sold countrywide.
The cutting height is adjustable from 40mm to 155mm to give the required finish. Each machine is equipped with tempered spring steel blade beams with two special "Banana" blades, this is the cutting gear to tame the toughest terrain. Falcon Haymakers® have a strong construction (5mm plate) and extra heavy cross members for reliability and long life. The intermediate range of Falcon Haymakers® is supplied complete with guarded PTO shaft and torque limiting slip clutch, ready for work.

Model Width of Cut Blades Gearbox Slip Clutch Total Mass
Dimensions Cutting Height
Length Width Min. Max.
F80/150V 1.5m 2 F80V STD 501 1830 1760 40 155
F80/150EV 1.5m 2 F80V STD 557 1830 2050 40 155
F80/180V 1.8m 2 F80V STD 552 1930 2060 40 155
F80/180EV 1.8m 2 F80V STD 625 1930 2350 40 155
F80/200V 2.0m 2 F80V STD 708 2195 2230 40 155