Haymaker F80-350 (Large)

To accommodate larger tractors, (over 75kW), Falcon has introduced the F80/350V Haymaker®, a twin rotor machine cutting 3.5 metres at one pass.
This means that one tractor and Haymaker® can now cut as much in a day as was previously cut by two tractor/Haymaker® units, resulting in significant savings in the cost of fuel and labour.
The cutting height is adjustable from 40mm to 140mm to give the required finish. Equipped with tempered spring steel blade beams with two special "Banana" blades, this is the cutting gear to tame the toughest terrain.

Model Width of Cut Blades Gearbox Slip Clutch Total Mass
Dimensions Cutting Height
Length Width Min. Max.
F80/350V 3.5m 4 F80V STD 1290 2250 3750 40 140