Grass Mulcher

This is a rotary cutter with a unique, fully enclosed mulching chamber with special blades that cut and recut the grass and then recycle it into the turf, creating a moisture retaining mulch. This mulch improves the fertility of the ground and overcomes collection problems.


The key to better re-growth is a programme of regular pasture topping with a Falcon Fieldmulcher™. This specialised rotary cutter cuts the grass, mulches and spreads it evenly over the cutting width, encouraging quick re-growth. The Fieldmulcher™ is also used to over sow Rye Grass for winter feed when the Kikuyu grass growth has slowed down.


The Falcon Grassmulcher™ runs on full width rollers and is designed to give a perfect finish with absolute safety in public places. It is the ideal machine for one pass maintenance of sports grounds and parks. The Falcon Grassmulcher™ is available in a 1.2m, 1.5m and 1.8m cutting widths. An offset hitch facility is standard on the F50/150 to facilitate cutting up to the boundary fence.
Model Width of Cut Blades Gearbox Slip Clutch Total Mass
Dimensions Cutting Height
Length Width Min. Max.
F50/150FM 1.5m 4 F50 STD 445 1700 1750 0 100
F50/180FM 1.8m 4 F50 STD 510 2030 2070 0 100
F25/120GM 1.2m 4 1030 STD 260 1660 1430 0 100
F50/120GM 1.2m 4 F50 STD 270 1660 1430 10 100
F50/150GM 1.5m 4 F50 STD 480 1960 1730 0 100
F50/180GM 1.8m 4 F50 STD 530 2400 2050 10 100