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    Tipping Trailer 10.0

Tipping Trailer 10.0 tonne ( Specifications )

The Tipping trailer 10.0 Tonne has the following specifications and technical features:

10 tonne load capacity
Body size 4,250 x 2,440 x 600mm
12.5/80-15.3, 14PR tyres
Twin tipping Cylinders, each two stage 10,000kg capacity.
Screw jack
Twin axles: 70 x 70mm section, 7,000kg capacity each on walking beam suspension.

Made in Uganda, by Engineering Solutions (U) Ltd.

10.0 Tonnne ( Options )

At Engsol, we also make provisions basing on the 10.0 tonne required.

10 tonne load capacity
Full hydraulic trailer braking
Swivel towing eye
Drop sides
Extension or high sides
Automatic rear door

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