TATU Marchesan Double Offset Disk Harrow


The model 7009T DODH-R is specially designed for soil preparation, breaking clods and soil leveling for large acreage farm operations with high operational performance.

Standard Features:

  • TATU swivel oil bath bearing assemblies with tapered roller bearings and duo-cone seals.
  • 1.1/2” round heat treated alloy steel gang axles.
  • Heat treated boron steel disc blades, notched or plain front and rear.
  • Tapered disc blades on rear gangs for finishing job.
  • Casting spacer spools.
  • Adjustable disc scraper blades with replaceable paddles.
  • Two dual 750 x 16 - 10 ply rib implement tires, from 24 to 48 disc blades.
  • 6 bolts hub with two tapered roller bearings on each hub.
  • Hydraulic cylinder with hoses, fittings, quick couplers, rod stops for depth control and transport locks.
  • Rear hitch, drawbar jack and safety chain.
  • Stabilizer bar for leveling and controlling on front and rear.
  • Adjustable disc gang angle.