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    Dairy Systems

S.A Christensen Milking

Traditional Dairy Solution

The Parlour That Fits Your Herd

You can get your milking solution from SAC as a rotary, a side-by-side, a herringbone, a swing-over or tie-up stall – whatever you like best. You may build and add to create the parlour that fits your needs and your herd.

Optimal Work Space for You and Your Cows

We care about both you and your cows’ comfort. You need an ergonomically correct working space to do good comfortable work.

Letting you work efficiently, fast and without awkward poses. And your cows also need an environment that is sound and easy to move in. Respecting their need for space, our milking solutions are designed to let you efficiently milk many cows to keep the milking cost-effective.

Easy Maintenance to Stay Profitable

All our milking solutions are designed for easy maintenance. We want to keep your costs of ownership low e.g. by limiting your maintenance costs and tasks - allowing your man-hours to be used for other tasks, and your milking solution will remain reliable for several years.

Your SAC milking solution does not grow out of date. We always keep our parlours updated and you can be sure to get upgrades and spare parts in the future. You will be able to continually change or add more to your milking solution if your herd and your needs change.

A milking solution from SAC is built on years of experience and focused research and development.

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