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    Management System

Sezer Version Management Program

Sezer Equipment

Animal identification is made by ear chip. With the management program;

You can Identify the animals, group, follow the milk yield, follow up the disease, Create a treatment plan,
From the Reports screen; You can get information about animal information, milk yield on the basis of animals, milk yield on group basis, group information, disease, animal diseases, birth performance, animal transfers, animal milk yield and insemination on the basis of lactation.
The fact that reports can be taken in excel format allows the user to create numerous personal reports.
The program consists of 3 main sections and 6 menus.


  Part one - FARM SCREEN
  General information about the animals in the farm (number of animals, sex, milk yield, etc.) can be seen on a single screen.
  Part two - GROUP SCREEN
  Group descriptions of animals in the farm can be seen.
  Planned job description can be made to the system on a date basis.

Sezer Equipment Sezer Equipment

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