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With our Leading Mission of transforming the quality of life of every farmer in Uganda by increasing their overall production and generating higher, sustainable household incomes. ENGSOL’s Core Vision is to contribute to the development of Uganda’s agricultural sector through the supply and support of applicable, reliable, durable and value-for money equipment and services. We will strive to ensure continuous staff development and improvement, safety, efficiency, respect and customer focus.

Our People are held with a high level of RESPECT through unity in diversity, encouragement, trust, teamwork, fairness. The organisation highly observes PROFESSIONALISM through honesty, flexibility, discipline, safety, commitment, responsibility, accountability, and excellence.

The REWARD system to her people is through achievement, customer and job satisfaction, fun, challenge, development, innovation, learning, and being extraordinary.

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At ENGSOL, our events are cultivated towards making a mark in the lives of farmers and we believe that our excellent executions are impactful and speak more directly to our customers both locally and internationally. We strive to have the best of customer and product campaigns executed with our structured activities with the main aim of shaping perceptions towards our TAFE Model Tractors and other implements..

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