ENGSOL Fabrication

ENGSOL’s Production Department the capacity, skills, and competency to fabricate, convert or modify the following:

  • Tipping and non-tipping trailers from 1T to 15T capacity
  • Water / irrigation bowsers from 1,000L to 15,000L capacity
  • Tanks, cellars, mud pits, tank stands, brackets, wheel chocks, etc.
  • Shipping container conversions to offices, workshops, accommodation units, kitchen units, laundry units etc.
  • Agricultural implements such as cultivators, ridgers
  • Modification of truck and trailer bodies

Do not be concerned if your fabrication requirement is not mentioned above as ENGSOL will be able to attend to your needs.

Non-tipping trailer Standard 5 tonne tipping trailer Seed cane trailer
12 tonne Grain trailer Car Trailer Tapered Water Bowser
Water Bowser 10 tonne Trailer